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Saturday 21/04/2012:
First let me say thank you for your continued patience with the webstat counter, we have had to rebuild the code from the ground up so far and today we released the new version of the Web Stat counter, the new version is not only 100+ times faster than the original it will be more versatile as well, we have hundreds of idea’s for it and we are excited and cannot wait to bring these features to you.

At present you can now get your counter from a selection and within a few clicks but we recommend filling out the entire form as it will save a lot of time later if you need a password to log on or an email address for a password reminder, we do not enforce the requirement of an email but it is recommended so we can communicate in the future.

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Thursday 12/04/2012:
We have now rolled out the default counter, you may have noticed a counter appear on your site today, it is the default blue graph counter for now but within a few days you will be able to change it to one of the others and even a stealth version, we have started its count at “100000” as to not make the count look silly on your pages.

We would not recommend the stealth version at present because the stats are still offline but bear with us, also you would have probably noticed how fast the new counters are and that is simply because we have upgraded the technology, the new version will be able to cope with billions of hits.

I will set up an area for you to send emails shortly or a blog to keep you updated.

Wednesday 11/04/2012:
Today we have switched back on the counter and it is now collecting hits from your websites and counting once again, your images will not show at present but we are working to repair this error, we will keep you updated here........

Monday 09/04/2012:
New accounts are currently offline:
we can no longer accept new accounts until we have repaired our database, we apologise for any disruption or any inconvenience this may cause but we are suffering a loss of database entries and we are working tirelessly in the background to repair this error so please be patient, if you have an existing account and your counter is not working rest assured we are working towards a resolution as soon as possible.


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