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Creating a new free counter here is a very simple process, a few clicks and you are done.

Please Note: at present you can only get a simple hit counter here, there are no statistics at present, however; we are working to include free statistics and several counter options so please leave your email or come back to the site again in a few weeks, the counter code you take here today will start generating statistics as soon as it is ready along with several user functions.

Additional Note; you do not need to fill anything in below other than select a counter for your site and agree to the site terms of use, all other fields will either be automatically generated set to defaults or left unfilled, the other field are so you can take maximum advantage of your counter as it becomes available again.

Select a counter:

Bars 001 Blue
Bars 001 Pink
Bars 001 White
Bars 001 Yellow
Graph 001 Blue
Graph 001 Gray
Graph 001 Green
Graph 001 Red
Graph 001 Yellow
Hits 001 Blue
Hits 001 Green
Hits 001 Pink
Hits 001 White
Pattern 001 Blue
Pattern 001 Brown
Pattern 001 Green
Pattern 001 Orange
Pattern 001 Red
Plain 001 Blue
Plain 001 Green
Plain 001 Pink
Plain 001 White


Must be lowercase more than 3 characters and/or numbers.
Counter Name:

Must be more than 3 characters.

Must be more than 6 characters and less than 20.
Email Address:
Initial Value:
Must be 9 numbers or less, the default is zero.
Accept Terms:
You must accept our counter terms of service

Help Notes and Explanations:
Graphics: select from any of the counter graphics.

Username: This is your master counter account where all your counters will be stored, you do not need to fill this in if you just want the counter and no control over it.

Counter Name: Each counter must have a name, you do not have to fill this in and a name will be randomly generated in the code.

Password: you can provide your own memorable password or again this will be randomly generated however if you do not provide an email address you will never receive a email in password recovery.

URL: this is primarily for the counter where you are placing the code, this helps us should you have an issue with anything, if not filled in then it would normally take a series of emails to identify you with your website.

Email Address: required for contact on updates and future upgrades and also password requests again it is not required and will not be used by any third party without your permission but to make life easier we advise that you provide at least one form of contact.

Initial Value: Set the initial start value of the counter 1 to 999999999.

Accept Terms: you must accept the terms and conditions of use.

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